I’m Dr. Jeremy L. Wells. I research and teach International Relations—a branch of Political Science—at Texas State University. I earned a Ph.D. at Louisiana State University in 2013. After many childhood, teenage, and even some college years of planning to attend law school, I decided to pursue Political Science as a profession during my junior year at Berea College. Since then, I haven’t regretted the move.

Although virtually all aspects of studying political life interest me, I specialize in international relations and civil conflict. Currently I focus on the causes and consequences of military intervention. I’m especially interested in the politics of the target country right up until the intervention occurs. Why don’t the target leader’s essential supporters urge the leader to avoid an intervention? My dissertation focused on the relationship between U.S. foreign aid and political development in recipient countries, so the shift in focus to military intervention fits under a broader interest in the roles powerful states play in the politics of other states in the international system.