OKRs for Spring 2017

My Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) for this semester include a mix of professional and personal goals, along with some goals for this website.

My objectives and key results (OKRs) establish medium-term goals for the semester.

My objectives and key results (OKRs) establish medium-term goals for the semester.

In my last post I discussed my daily themes throughout the week. These help me plan and focus my daily work, while my objectives and key results (OKRs) help me keep my medium-term focus.

Reviewing my previous OKRs

I experimented with OKRs back in October. Not only was it my first attempt with them, but the Fall 2016 semester wound up being more crazy than I had imagined.

Those objectives included the following:

  1. Publish three papers. Mostly fail. I have one of those papers out for review since October. For one of the other two, my coauthor and I should have a draft completed within a week or so, and I’ll catch up with the other one after that. (Both delays are my fault, and my coauthors have been amazingly patient with me; like I said, Fall 2016 was crazy for me.)
  2. Win a teaching award. Fail. When calls for award nominations come out, I act like I never knew it would happen. Like financial expert Dave Ramsey always says, “Remember, Christmas is December 25th this year!” I now have some concrete steps in place in my classes to seriously compete for some teaching awards this year, well in advance of any deadlines.
  3. Lose twenty pounds. Big fail. I actually ended up gaining about 10 pounds due to a combination of the holidays and my wife and I getting off our usual, much healthier meal plan due to her pregnancy. I’ve reversed course though and have green smoothies, raw cabbage salads, and nondairy milk stocked up (these are actually more typical for my wife and me than not, so these measures are more getting back on track than as extreme as they may seem).

Overall, I’m not thrilled with my performance, but it was my first go. I actually completely dropped the ball on them. This semester that will change.

I also decided to plan OKRs for the semester, not the quarter. This time frame fits better with my work schedule. My year exists as three terms of relatively equal length: fall, spring, and summer.

Spring 2017 OKRs

So here are my OKRs for Spring 2017. I think they are reasonable while also pushing further than I’d really plan for if I wanted to guarantee complete success.

  1. Publish four papers
    • Get four current drafts submitted
    • Write 500 words each work day
    • Read and memo three articles per week
  2. Increase blog readership to 100 visitors per day
  3. Train for a half-marathon
    • Run four times per week
    • Eat a whole foods plant-based diet every day
    • Track water, stretching, breathing, and push ups with Momentum every day
    • Track each meal with LoseIt

Jeremy L. Wells

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